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"The WHITE HOLLY is a High Endurance, Expedition Vessel.
The White Hollys' dependable nature means she can take research and commercial missions, farther, longer, to any ocean - economically, safe and in comfort. Her endurance makes her suitable for offshore deepwater research sites, while her draft and maneuverability allows her into rivers and lagoons without having to anchor or standby miles away from the research sites. This versatility has allowed her to successfully meet client requirements from the Gulf of Alaska, Gulf of Mexico , equatorial Pacific Carribean and the Atlantic Ocean..

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Vessel Status 09May2015

White Holly successfully completed a shipwreck identification project. The Client, MAREX


Breakfast in GalleyBoat Deck

Completed two Cable route surveys in The Carribean and Gulf of Mexico.

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The Reson 7150 has proccesed data at a depth of 8500 meters in the Puerto Rican Trench.

8100 meters


Below ,White Holly completed an uneventful 6 month Project. The project was an environmental study of the Florida coast from depths between 40 to 400 meters. Project included: multi beam and sub-bottom profiling, gravity-core and ground truthing using a Sub Atlantic ROV.


Live Boat ops with ROV depths to 2000'

Repairing cable end for the sub-bottom profile

The Haul-out at Marine Group was completed. Modifications include :

A complete bottom paint job, replacement of stern tube bearings,replaced starboard main prop shaft, installation of a new research A-frame on the aft deck, extending and widening of fantail, addition of an exercise area and modification of the forward lab area to a lounge.


24-12 kHz 7150 patch test 24May09

The White Holly has completed the B-SURE survey in Hawaii. Survey depths were from 5,000 to as shallow as 50 meters.


The underwater portion of the Sea bat 7150-F,12kHz, 2 degrees, 24kHz, 1 degree x 1 degree Dual Frequency installation has been completed. The SAT has been accomplished, see pic above from the Hawaiian Patch test.

Deepwater Multi beam Echo Sounder (MBES) System made by RESON.

Newly installed by the "Marine Group Boat Yard" Chula Vista CA. Thanks Eric



Hydrographic Society News Release "Click Here"

Moon Pool with sonar

Newly installed "Moon Pool" by the "Marine Group Boat Yard" Chula Vista CA. Thanks Eric



White Holly - Kiribati Island 2005

The White Holly - Christmas Island 2005

Credit: Todd Walsh (c) 2007 MBARI

The cable laying ship "Global Sentinel" and " White Holly" off Moss Landing during the laying of the MARS ocean-observatory cable in Monterey Bay March 2007.Click on image to learn more




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Fanning Island ChildrenFanning Island Lagoon

Fanning Islanders and their backyard 2005

Line Islands

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